You lay your head on your pillow and close your eyes. While your thoughts take over your mind you drift into a deep, or unsettled, sleep. 
You wake up. 
Not only is it no longer Monday, but it's not the same year either. It's Tuesday, first of January, 2013. 
8am, to be precise. 

And just like that a fresh start is handed to you. 
It's like 2012 was drawn into the sand with 2013 below it. Then a wave washed up and it swept 2012 away, blending it back into the smooth sand. 2013 has not been touched; it is safe from the water... for now.

What are you planning on doing with this fresh start that has been placed into your clenched fists? It's true, you weren't given $200 at Go and you weren't promised a bright and happy year. But that has nothing to do with it.
What are YOU going to do now that you've been granted another year? 

Wave goodbye to 2012. It has been blended into the sand with every other year before it. 
2013 is looking you straight in the face. 

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